The Team

Justin Hair

President / 95 Underground Productions, LLC

With a passion for design and a keen eye for creativity, Justin is the heart of the operation. Starting his field in web design back in 2007 in Newport Beach, California while working for a Search Engine Marketing company, He discovered an art that he just couldn't get enough of. After teaching himself web and graphic design, Justin began editing video footage for local musicians putting together music videos. After the passing of his Grandmother in 2010, Justin decided to move back home to Palm Beach Gardens. That same year, he started 95 Underground Productions. Four years later Justin fell in love and married his beautiful wife Nikki and had their first daughter. His family is his inspiration to be successful and show the world all of his unique talents. Justin's mission in life it to be a great husband, father and business man.

Nikki Hair

Vice President / 95 Underground Productions, LLC

Nikki was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. At the age of 13 she moved to Florida with dreams of becoming a school teacher. In mid 2014 Nikki gave birth to her first daughter Juliette. Along with being a stay at home mom, she helps out with the business. Nikki is responsible for marketing the company along with booking clients appointments, keeping up with social media and a lot of behind the scenes work.






Baby Juliette

Little Big Boss / 95 Underground Productions, LLC

Juliette is our beautiful baby girl. She is the reason we both work so hard. We didn't think the site would be complete without adding our little bundle of joy to the team page.

Baby Gemma Ellen

Little Boss / 95 Underground Productions, LLC

Gemma Ellen Aka "Mini Me" is Justin's twin. Since she was born her big sister Juliette has grown so attached to her. They are best friends.